Achieve your CO2 objectives by getting your employees to play

Have you made a commitment to reduce your CO2 emissions? EngageNow allows you to engage your employees - and also your partners and customers - in climate action over time through gaming.

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Employees want their employer to provide them with more opportunities to invest in actions to improve the social and environmental impact of their business.

C3D, March 2020

6 talents out of 10

Are ready to refuse a position in a company that is not sufficiently committed.



Want to be aligned: to act both in their professional and personal sphere.


Employees are ready to spend between 1 and 5 hours each week for climate training.


Employees would like to be supported or trained to get involved in the environment.

I involve my employees in my environmental strategy

How does EngageNow work?

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As user :

I measure my CO2 emissions, I understand the issues better, I look more closely at the subjects on which I want to take action (housing, food, waste, etc.), and I play. I become an actor in the global transition.

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As a company :

My employees understand the issues better and become true ambassadors of my low-carbon strategy. I can monitor and measure the progress of my community and involve my entire value chain (customers, partners, suppliers, etc.)

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They trust us

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EngageNow is entirely eco-designed according to GreenIT principles.

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EngageNow works with the NFB to help you contribute to the climate.

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Recommended solution by the UN.

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